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    Shenzhen Kangjiaxu Bags Co., Ltd.
    Address: No. 83 Shaping Road Anliang Sanjiaolong Industry Zone Henggang, Longgang, Shenzhen, China.
    Tel: +86.755.28659198
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    Shenzhenkangjiaxu Bags industry Co., Ltd was established on 1997. We are professional at design, material, search, production, packing and shipping of all kind of bags with more than 21 years experience.

      The products that we have manufactured include backpack, cosmetic bags, handbags, school bags, laptop bags, sport bags, travel bags. duffel bags, shoppingbags, trolly bag and so on.

      For meet many customers request, we apply for the BSCIand pass BSCI test in 2017.What is BSCI? The whole name is BusinessSocial Compliance Initiative. BSCI is an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA). All BSCI participants are also FTA members and share the FTA vision, BSCI has been given specific goverance bodies through which BSCI companies are invited to actively take part, to develop and implement and excellent system for improved working conditions in the global supply chain.

      BSCI provides companies with a social auditing methodology and report. It doesnot organise audits itself but provides a network of external accredited, experienced and independent auditing companies. Also,as part of the BSCI approach, social aduits only represent one pillar of activity,complementary duilding and strong relations with all stakeholders of the supply.

      Why we need to apply for the BSCI?

    1) Asmany customersdemand.

    2) Abetter workplace for workers.

    3) Moreappealing to new clients.

    4) Morereliable to existing customers.

    5) Strongerin a continuous changing market.

     It is our honor to sincerely cooperate with you!