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    5 Years Experiences in Foreign Trade

    • Author:Nichole Lee
    • Source:KJX-Nichole
    • Release on :2018-06-12
    I have worked as a foreign trader for five years.

    I devoted myself into the foreign trade circle and this company as soon as I graduated. In the beginning, many people, including my families, didn’t understand why I choose to work as a foreign trader. But I choose to stick to it, and gradually my families shifted their ideas from objection to support. Laptop Bag

    The most important part of going to work after saying goodbye to schools is to persevere. It’s common for many people to give up soon for many factors. However, as the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest. And if we have set our mind on it, just persevere. It’s very important and even might have a great impact on the work in the future. Men Backpack

    In order to stay closer with my loved marketing work, I chose to handle orders in the beginning of entering the circle. Just like other green hand stepping into the workplace the first time, I knew little about it. Fortunately, I met a mentor.School Backpack

    I was directly led by our boss, that is to say, I just worked under my boss’s eyes. And I always made silly mistakes again and again. I thought I would have been fired within two weeks if I had been in other companies. At that time, the most frightening thing was hearing my name called by the boss. Because I knew I must have made mistakes every time my boss did so.

    To be honest, I was very depressed at that time. Because I was a class leader at school, good at dealing with problems and very confident. However, after going out of school, I found the whole was totally different for I shifted from an excellent student to a foolish in work. Because of constantly making mistakes, I had to work meticulously and kept reminding myself of being more careful and keeping mistakes away before dealing with everything. Later, the mistakes I would make were little and little and by calling my name, my boss didn’t mean to point out my mistakes but to assign work to me.

    In retrospect, during the time of my making mistakes, my boss might feel sad and exhausted for he had spent so much time and energy on me but couldn’t find great progress on me. And I also had doubted if I was suitable for this position. But I had loved to do with jobs about selling from my childhood on. During the holidays in the primary school, I always went out with my aunt to set a stand to sell things and keep looking for jobs related to selling during my campus life. I hold a belief that I still don’t change my love for selling, and tell myself not to give up because the setback was temporary and made you feel discouraged for a short time. And I gradually realized that those who blamed you and pointed out your weakness have some expectation upon you, which we should cherish.

    After making progress, I was successfully deployed from the department of handling orders to that of selling. I studied hard the technique and experience from my leaders. During the process, based on their experience, I tried to comprehend them and internalized them. Please do not just copy them superficially. Because far beyond their personal charm, you just study them superficially but not profoundly. Even if what you do is like what they do, it’s possible to reach the ideal economic effectiveness. In the workplace, you not only need to study from others but also develop your own thinking abilities. Of course, in the aspect of developing thinking ability, you have to communicate with leaders and experienced people as much as possible and learn from them. When dealing with the same case, everyone has their own ideas and solutions due to different standing positions and thinking levels. So we have to be active to listen and thinking and make comparisons with your original methods to find out your defects. By doing so, you will have a great promotion of yourself.

    As a matter of fact, companies are the epitome of the society, which involves interaction between people and handover of work and so on. When meeting problems, we can not count on others to finish the projects that you should finish in your own. Because everyone is busy with his own duty, which needs us to have empathy for them and develop our own independent ability. Of course, sometimes cooperation between departments is needed. Therefore, it’s important to know how to communicate and allocate time, which makes sure efficiency. To be empathetic and inclusive are the best condition of cooperation. I love our team and we always learn from and share with each other like family.

    For I have worked and learnt a lot, it will remind me of many stories if I have to tell you about them. Today, I share this passage to you, hoping to guide the green hands who have just entered the circle of foreign trade hoping that everyone could stick to your dream, and hoping that you all can believe in the final realization of your dream after great efforts.