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    American Dreams in China

    • Author:Ivy zhong
    • Release on :2018-06-08
      American Dreams in China is a feature film directed by Chankexin in 2013.Starring Huang xiaoming, Dengchao, Tongdawei, etc.The film mainly tells the story of by the 1980 s, the era of big three young men from the student s meet and get to know each other, have the same dream to struggle together, common business English training school founded inspirational story.
       Kangjiaxu bag co. Ltd. is also a story company.Kangjiaxu bag co., LTD was founded by a team of brothers in Fujian of China.At first, due to family financial difficulties, the four brothers went out to work in shenzhen.But working for others doesn't pay much. The four brothers, disconcerted by the status quo, saved 20,000 yuan to start a handbag company.
    In order to save money, my mother bought some unfresh food left over.In 1997, due to the gradual accumulation of experience and understanding of the market,We got our first order, 100,000 ice packs. Then the company grew.The company now has a large share of the European and American markets With high quality, the best price. The production process is also very experienced.Four brothers have been committed to China's products to achieve foreign countries, become a famous handbag manufacturer.