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    Backpack tips

    • Author:Rachel
    • Release on :2018-04-16
    Packing a backpack is not a matter of throwing all your belongings into a backpack. Correct and reasonable loading can make your back comfortable and enjoyable.

    Generally heavy items are placed in the upper middle, close to the back position, so that the backpack's center of gravity is higher, so that the bearer in the process of walking in the waist to be straight; However, when climbing a steep mountain, the center of gravity of the backpack should be lower, so that the body can bend Walking through forest trees or climbing terrain with bare rock breaks, the backpack's center of gravity during climbing (rock climbing backpack) is close to the pelvic position, which is the center point of body rotation, which prevents the weight of the backpack from moving to the shoulder; The backpack can be loaded with a higher center of gravity.

    The heavier equipment is placed in the upper end and the backrest, equipment such as: stoves, cooking utensils, heavy food, rain gear, and the water bottle center of gravity is too low or away from the back will make the body to walk and walk, the tent must use an umbrella strap tied to At the top of the backpack, the fuel oil and water must be placed separately to avoid contamination of food and clothing. The heaviest items should be placed in the center of the backpack and under the side belt, such as spare clothes (must be sealed in plastic bags and different colors are used to identify the tape so easily identifiable). Personal apparatus, headlights, maps, compasses, cameras, light items tied to the bottom, such as sleeping bags (must be sealed with a waterproof bag), camp posts can be placed in side pockets, sleeping mats or backpacks placed behind backpacks must be prepared Bring some items, such as tripods, camp posts or side pockets.
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    The fuel oil and the food must be placed separately. Pay attention to the filling of the stove or pot group so as not to make the back uncomfortable. The pot group should be wiped clean in the rainy day.
    If the backpack is large enough, the tent can be inserted into the bag: the pole is inserted vertically against the backpack support bar, and the stack of squares with the size of the back of the backpack is flat. Another method is to insert the book into the bag. Go in and fill the gaps with other items. This method will make the backpack look good.

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