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    Canvas Bag Ordering Information

    • Author:Rachel
    • Release on :2018-03-30
    Customers have the following options when customizing bags:

    1: Material: Cotton Canvas (More than 5000 colors can be customized according to customer requirements) Thickness Options: 8 ounces 10 ounces 12 ounces 16 ounces (Other thicknesses need to contact customer service)

    2: Printing: Provide watermark (default), offset printing, thermal transfer printing, machine printing.

    3: Color: 1 color (beige with black cotton seeds), bleaching white, black, red

    Style: conventional bottomless sideless, no bottomless side, bottomed side of the sample
    Proofing: the cycle is generally 4-5 days, ordinary models we will charge 300 yuan for each version of the fee, a special style to charge 500 yuan, 600 yuan to receive heat transfer orders more than 5000 proofing costs refund.

    package instruction

    All bags are uniformly packaged in waterproof woven bags or cartons, 500-1000 bags.

    Transportation instructions

    Under normal circumstances to take the freight, according to the length of the road billing, freight to pay. Freight companies generally do not have door-to-door service. We are only responsible for shipping the goods to your city. The freight company will notify you to pick up the goods.

    Common specifications

    Because the size is different, the price will be different.