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    Does America want to reopen a trade war?

    • Author:Akira lee
    • Release on :2018-05-30
    Does America want to reopen a trade war?

    Announced from the United States to impose tariffs on Chinese imports and other trade sanctions, has been continued for a month and a half, which for the trade war between China and the United States through negotiations and consultations, the Chinese side has always been adhering to the "reconciliation, common development" principle, but if the us insist on sino-us trade war, the Chinese side will never afraid.Today, China's market and economic capabilities are not to be underestimated!

    In the United States and China have just two weeks ago in Washington to reach a framework agreement on tabled a trade war, the two sides issued a joint statement, the United States announced plans to put tariffs on Chinese imports, us commerce secretary plans to visit China on June 2-4, further discuss the implementation of the framework agreement.

    But on 29th evening in Beijing time, the White House issued a statement saying: the President Trump decided to impose 25% tariffs at the $50 billion of goods imported from China, including the related technologies with "made in China 2025", the list will be announced on June 15. Restrictions on Chinese investment in the United States and tightening export controls on China will be announced on June 30.

    So does America want to reopen a trade war?Let's keep an eye on the follow-up...

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