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    Fire drill at kangjiax factory in shenzhen

    • Author:Ivy Zhong
    • Release on :2018-07-09

    In recent years, with the development of modern production, the scale is expanding more and more, followed by a major accident also occurs continuously, fire, explosion and poison leak accidents are a serious threat to the safety and health of man .For the factory, it is especially important to strengthen the sense of prevention of the staff and the ability of flight need to save themselves. Shenzhen kangjiaxu bag co., Ltd. workers often give practical accident simulation exercises every month. Wangjiaxu bag co., Ltd. A fire drill was held on July 13 at 4 pm. Below is a picture of the leader performing a fire drill.

    Our factory produces bulk fashion bags,Special attention must be paid to fire training, the bag is dry and can easily cause fire. Especially the dust in the warehouseSo smoking is forbidden in the warehouse. On the scene, firefighters told us a lot of basic knowledge about fire in everyday life. For example, electrical devices are not allowed in the dormitory. Sleep warmer must be switched off after use. The factory can not randomly connect the socket. When we are faced with a major fire, when the short circuit of the power line causes an electric spark that causes fire. The main power must be turned off in time. We have to move from the safety road to the safety zone in an orderly manner. Do not crush or trample. The plant must have good fire safety provisions.

    How to use a fire extinguisher, and a fire extinguisher.
    The first to see. Check the surface of the fire extinguisher for air leaks and gas escape. The second wave. Move the fire extinguisher and shake it a lot. Open the third one, remove the seal and remove the pen. In the fourth gush, hold the mouthpiece in your left hand and press the handle in your right hand.