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    Follow up With Customer in This Way

    • Author:Nichole Lee
    • Source:KJX-Nichole
    • Release on :2018-05-09
    It’s common for every salesman to be seen holding piles of cards and a notebook which keeps customer’s information within in their arms with the aftertaste like a treasure lingering in the mind when they come back from a fair. 
    unction the “treasure” well, we need to follow these steps:
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    We need to classify the customers in order to follow them up purposefully. Thus, we can divide them into these several types:
    And the primary and secondary relation and sequence should be decided by their classification number: 
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    Order-oriented customer
    Analysis: An order-oriented customer is the person who have an intention to achieve agreement, and the one has signed a business contract or paid the earnest money (full money). This kind of customer will request for contact at one after the fair. Contact is for making the order’s fulfilling successful. Lady Handbag Wholesale

    Sample-oriented customer 
    Analysis: A sample-oriented customer is, as the name implies, the person who has bought the sample without ordering. Foremost, we need to know the reason why they buy the sample. There are only two factors: first, the product; second, the strength of the company. To purchase samples is to see if they are accordance with the customer’s procurement demand. Clear PVC Handbag

    Appointment-oriented customer:
    Analysis: An appointment-oriented customer tends to come up with the time for an appointment of visiting the company and factory. These are more cautious or intend to cooperate for a long term with big orders. Thus, the aim of following up is to have the customer visit as soon as possible and to get hold of the high-quality. customer resource.

    Meeting-oriented customer
    Analysis: A meeting-oriented customer is the person who has shown his demand. This kind of customers appears to a bit like appointment-oriented customer but they have no specific demand and intention. Therefore, we need to invite them to pay a visit as the same we do for appointment-oriented customers. Custom Cooler Bag

    However, if you find that such kind of customers have no big intention, then you can change another way of following up with them by sending quotation and products they check in the fair. 13" laptop bag

    Analysis: A business-card-oriented customer is the person who simply exchange a business card. If the four types of customers as mentioned above, is likely to be intention customers, the Type D can be merely regarded as potential customers. It means that beyond the business card, we may fail to obtain their further information. Thus, we need to acquaint with their backgrounds, products, the scale of the company, their procurement demand, and how long they have involved in the industry, etc. Only when all is collected can we commence writing an email based on the information. The more information we get the hang of, more benefits will be in the course of follow-up. But if in the context of information deficit, we should also write a follow-up email after the fair. Try to build relationship by referring to the mutual impressions in the fair, then pick out some goods in promotion, the new designed or the best-sale to send to customers.