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    High Quality And Classic style For Dumplings Shaped Cosmetic Bag In China Factory

    • Author:Ivy zhong
    • Release on :2018-06-04
    Big pepper is the most famous building in chongqing.It attracts many tourists from home and abroad,Become the symbol of chongqing folk culture. Chongqing sculpture of the world's largest chili pepper,It is 6.25 meters high, 1.90 meters wide and weighs 380 kilograms And made of materials such as copper, resin and iron.The main body of the pepper is bright red and the petiole is golden.
    Many plant-shaped items have also become popular recently.Banana pillow,Watermelon shape cosmetic bag,Dumplings shaped cosmetic bag.Jiaozi cosmetic bag made in shenzhen KJX bags factory is very beautiful and fancy.The shenzhen factory has 20 years of experience in making dumplings shaped cosmetic .Jiaozi cosmetic bag is as popular as chongqing pepper.Because of his lovely and delicate appearance.Jiaozi cosmetic bag has also become a classic style.Chongqing pepper represents passion and red fire.Jiaozi cosmetic bag represents the fashion nobility.If you've ever owned a dumply-shaped cosmetic bag made in a KJX bags factory in shenzhen,You can see the long history and specialty of shenzhen KJX bags factory.