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    Hign quality of make-up bag

    • Author:Ivy Zhong
    • Release on :2018-05-28
      Dupont paper, also known as nomi paper, is an environmentally-friendly non-woven fabric produced by dupont, also known as Tyvek or gevek. In wooden constructions it is often used as a waterproof material for external walls and roofs. Because of the one-way permeability it is also called "breath paper". It is through the use of flash technology, through the polymer after hotmelt in continuous filament and hot glue them in a high density polyethylene, this unique technology to produce lightweight but very tough material. Dupont paper products combine the advantages of paper, film and fibers to one, strong and durable, with a strong tear resistance.
       It is also widely used in the bag industry now Tyvek of make-up bag is very popular. This make-up bag is popular because of its waterproof, tearable and lightweight character make-up bag can be made into a candy color. It looks fresh and fresh in the summer.