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    How to manage a production?

    • Author:Nichole Lee
    • Source:KJX-Nichole
    • Release on :2018-05-04
    If you're interested in working in manufacturing and like to lead projects and people, the role of production manager could be for you

    As a production manager, you'll be involved with the planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes. You'll make sure goods and services are produced efficiently and that the correct amount is produced at the right cost and level of quality.

    The scope of the job depends on the nature of the production system. Many companies are involved in several types of production, adding to the complexity of the role. It's likely that you will be responsible for both human and material resources.

    The job is also referred to as operations manager.


    As a production manager, you'll need to:

        oversee the production process, drawing up a production schedule;
        ensure that the production is cost effective;
        decide what resources are required;
        draft a timescale for the job;
        estimate costs and set the quality standards;
        monitor the production processes and adjust schedules as needed;
        be responsible for the selection and maintenance of equipment;
        monitor product standards and implement quality-control programmes;
        liaise among different departments, e.g. suppliers, managers;
        work with managers to implement the company's policies and goals;
        ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed;
        supervise and motivate a team of workers;
        review worker performance;
        identify training needs.

    You'll be involved in the pre-production (planning) stage as well as the production (control and supervision) stage. A large part of the job is dealing with people management.

    You may also be involved with product design and purchasing. In some larger firms, planners, controllers and production engineers and supervisors will assist you. The role may be integrated with other functions, such as marketing, sales and finance.