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    If your business wind in the business war between China and America?

    • Author:Akira lee
    • Release on :2018-04-13
    As all known that the America announced plans to increase taxes on $50 billion of China goods in March.2018. At the same time, 11th.April.2018 China announced plans to increase taxes on $50 billion of U.S. goods also. Tensions between the United States and China are increasing over trade issues.

    The Chinese measure would increase tariffs by 25 percent on 106 products, such as soybeans, airplanes and cars.

    Last year, the deficit was more than $375 billion. The U.S. list, released Tuesday, include the biggest U.S. exports to China, strikes at China’s high-technology industries. But Chinese officials didn’t say when the tariff  increase on U.S. imports would take effect, will depends on what the Trump administration does.

    As a peace country, China isn’t willing to play any war, whatever real war or business war or any others, we are welcome peace and friendly and improving together. 

    We are the manufacturer of variety bags, such as women cosmetic bags/ travel backpacks/ laptop computer backpack/ lady handle bag/ shopping bag etc not include in the tariff goods, maybe will not be affected greatly.