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    Knowledge Of Handbag processing

    • Author:Rachel
    • Release on :2018-04-07
    1, metal fasteners
     (1) According to the function points: square deduction / day deduction / activity deduction / ring / oval ring / hook deduction (rotation and non-rotation) / belt buckle and other special purpose fasteners.
     (2) According to the plating method: the same metal pull tab.
     (3) Determine the specifications of the fasteners mainly by their width/height and wire diameter. Special fasteners need to refer to the manufacturer's catalog. Different manufacturers may also have differences in the products produced due to their different rigging.
    2, plastic buckle:
     (1) According to the function points: Japanese buckle / square buckle / ladder buckle / buckle / hook buckle / multi-function buckle / rope clasp, etc. Know plastic reinforcing film.
     (2) According to the material: Commonly used steel and nylon material price higher.
    First, the classification of fasteners
      The fasteners are generally divided into buckle series, hook buckle series, rope buckle series, rubber feet series, clothing accessory materials series, hardware fastener series, tie rod series, and tag series. Including buckles, hooks, string buckles, rubber feet, shoulder pads, and hardware are commonly used by us.
    Second, the various fasteners of the material, characteristics, uses and other
     1, socket
     The material of choice is generally POM, PA and PC
     The buckle is composed of a male buckle and a female buckle. The two ends are respectively sewn with webbing, and the length of the webbing is selected according to different needs. It is generally used for the fixation of the shoulders and the waist, and the function of the buckle is more effectively utilized. Now there is more. Convenient and scientific buckles have been introduced, such as replacement invisible buckles. This is a kind of buckle that can be easily replaced without sewing the webbing. The other is a three-direction buckle, which is the "Y" type buckle. It is commonly used in baby carriage safety products. The female buckle can be designed according to the customer's design and authorization. Or LOGO. Can also choose to electroplate, screen printing, painting.
     2, hook buckle
      Its material is generally POM, PA, PP.
      In general, hook buckles, D buckles, press buckles, day buckles, square buckles, and ladder buckles are collectively referred to as hooks. Usually hooks and D buckles are used at the same time. Japanese characters are used to adjust the length of the webbing. Generally, ladder buckles are used. At the webbing end, it plays a major role in fixing, and the clasp can be electroplated and screen printed. Generally, a LOGO can be designed on the ladder buckle.
     3, rope buckle
      Its materials are generally PA, PP, PC, POM.
    The rope can be caliber, single hole and double hole, suitable for all kinds of OO rope, nylon rope and elastic rope. And can design LOGO according to customer's request.
     4, rubber feet
     Its material is generally derived from PVC.
     The rubber feet are divided into granular and strips. They are used at the bottom of the bag or box to effectively protect the goods from wear. They are the missing materials for the bag and have a non-slip function. The protection of the goods under special circumstances is not due to impact. And damage.
     5, the material is PVC, PU, ​​TRP, TPE.
     The shoulder pad has functions of relieving pressure and positioning non-slip. The front of the shoulder pad is called the back and the back is called the abdomen.
     The handle is the most frequently used part of people's hands. The webbing is inlaid inside the handle, so it is firm and not easy to move. Some colors can be adjusted and LOGOs can be set.
     6, hardware
     Material is generally POM.
     It is divided into hardware hook buckles, day buckles, square buckles, key chains, chains, zippers and so on.
     Third, the buckle test
     There are two main aspects of fasteners in the testing process:
     One is the pull test, which is the test master's ability to detect fasteners. It is divided into two steps:
     1, between the pull test, mainly used to buckle, D buckle, such as deduction.
     2, the lasting pull test, its main principle in determining the load of a certain weight, the time value of the fastener.
     The second is the temperature test. This is mainly to test the endurance of the fastener at the unconventional temperature. It is divided into two types: high temperature and low temperature:
     1, high temperature is usually set at 70 degrees Celsius
     2, low temperature is usually set at minus 30 degrees
     The time is 24 hours and the corresponding values ​​can be tested according to different needs. The metal-related fasteners are also tested for rust, corrosion, and chemical resistance.