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    Make Customers Come to Your Booth

    • Author:Nichole Lee
    • Source:KJX-Nichole
    • Release on :2018-05-02
    These weeks, my sales team keeps updating the appointment situation with their customers in Canton Fair and the number of customers who are promising to come is increasing. However, according to the experience in the last few years, not all customers come at the appointed time. Some of them may change their plan of the exhibition while some of them may change their mind after meeting some suppliers. Then how can you maximize your customer’s showing rate in the fair?

    If you want your customers come to your booth, a phone call is not enough even though they promise you to come. Because they have too many suppliers to meet and too many choices in the fair to remember you. If you want them come, you must make phone calls to them now and again at the appointed date, knowing where they are (if they are just nearby, then remind them that you are quite near them), and when they will go to your booth. It is not only for easy tracking but more importantly, you are reminding them of your existence and the appointment between you two. But pay attention that when calling customers, the point is to “remind” but not “push”. you should make them feel your attention to them and be willing to reserve time for you instead of offend them by pushing.

    Though customers promise your invitation, they will still skip your booth if you don’t have a “must come” reason. So it is very important to attractive your customers with the spot advantages. For example, it can be that the product has become a real finished product from a mould since last time the customer saw it; or that your manager is also in the booth which may give discount on the product that the customer thought it high last time; or that you send some new product pictures or video to the customer to attract him; or... No matter what it is, give your customers an irresistible reason to come.

    If you can’t “tempt” your customers, then try to touch the emotions. It is not an easy thing for customers to participate in an exhibition abroad while it is not easy for us to take part in a fair for a transitory meeting chance. If you still not meet your customers after waiting for several days, then you must tell your customers your “difficulty”. “I have waited for you for several days and have prepared some samples for you, please don’t make me bring them in vain”; “I won’t leave if I can’t meet you today. Please come no matter when it is”; “In order not to miss you, I dare not to sit down but keep standing in the aisle to find you. Please arrange some time for me”...Though it is not that serious, if you have done well in customer relationship maintenance, customers are willing to go for you.

    There are only five days for Canton Fair while actually is only 4.5 days. And according to customers’ rule, many of them only come for the first three days and then go for trip which leaves less time for the fair. Basically, the later the customers come, the lower rate they show up in your booth. If you can catch the chance depend on how much you long for it.