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    New laptop bag

    • Author:Rachel
    • Release on :2018-04-13
       The laptop bag can breathe, everyone will certainly feel strange, not only living creatures can breathe, do you know breathing? Doesn’t it even be surprising that even items like computer bags are breathing? In fact, I’m here to explain the mystery of this statement.
       Recently introduced a new type of computer bag. The computer bag is made of advanced materials. This material has a breathing function. The main purpose is to reduce or avoid the notebook computer by eliminating the heat emitted by the notebook computer through many invisible holes. Failure due to poor heat dissipation. In addition, it also has a compression function, to ensure that the notebook computer is not damaged within a certain degree of pressure. And this shoulder bag is also unique in style design, fully consider the user experience, it has a dedicated flash storage bag and hidden form bag, to a great extent, to facilitate the use of the user.
        This shoulder computer bag not only considers the maintenance of the computer itself, but also links the user's feelings of use. The comprehensive design of both the subject and the object is the support of its new upgrade. The leap-forward development of the shoulder bag has made new progress. I believe Its future development will be even more surprising.