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    TWO Part——When Customer Only Inquires...

    • Author:Nichole Lee
    • Source:KJX-Nichole
    • Release on :2018-05-18
    As buyers, they tend to think like this:
    1.It's a trading company or soho. They usually ask the factory for the price after seeing the inquiry and then add the price. School Backpack

    2.The quoted salesman is not very familiar with the product, and it may take a long time for communication to continue.Such a salesman, like a toothpaste squeeze, is difficult to communicate. Student Backpack

    3. So, the fact that buyers often make inquiries is a great test of us. Many buyers have relatively high requirements for products, especially in Europe and the United States. They want to find qualified and safe suppliers. If the product has problems in the later stages, they will ask the buyer to be responsible. However, small purchases can not afford it. The most important job of a professional buyer in the year is to find a supplier. He has a lot of time to screen and compare suppliers and then choose the most suitable one.
       These people are also facing the company's price problem. The target price of the company is usually set very low, so frequent inquiry and comparison and screening communication are normal for purchasing. After all, he can only do it every day except for eating. As a supplier, don't lose your temper.

    1.Try the best to make quotations as complete as possible, and prices should be reliable. Although some purchasers used to ask you to make inquiries, but once you don't take seriously or even offer at random, you will be able to prove that "You look cold and indifferent towards me now, but you won't reach me in the future." We will exclude from the buyer's alternative communication list finally.

    2.Be proactive in contacting buyers. People love to be lazy, and they all like to eat a ready-cooked meal. You cannot imagine our attitude towards this kind of customer who can not make an inquiry. Not only will we not ignore him, but we will also take the initiative to go over it. Even if the customer has already placed an order with another supplier, the situation involving production problems often occurs. In this case, the customer will consider other suppliers, which is why many foreigners have already had the old suppliers and often come to participate in the exhibition and set up the special purchasing department.

    Repeatedly sending samples
    This is the biggest headache for customers. We can never be bored with something that only waste our time, but sending sample again and again is very annoying while it is not only a waste of time but is also annoying.
         If you a lot of potential customers, for the customers that are not famous  who have required samples for three times without placing an order, they are probably the middlemen without having an order in hand, then you can offer him a retail price for the sample, which includes freight and the sample price is more expensive than the regular ones, so as to ensure that our own time and energy will not be at a loss, or we will directly refuse his demand. 
        If there are few potential customers and this is one of it, then we have to take a proactive approach.
        If the customer repeatedly proofing, but we feel they are still potential customers, do we still need to charge the sample fee? For low value samples, even if we have sent them to such customers for more than 3 times, we still have to provide samples for free by asking the customers to pay the express fee. Nowadays, foreigners have been spoilt by us. Many domestic companies are picky about domestic trade, but they enjoy doing business with foreigners. At the same time, many companies can produce the same product, so the competition is very fierce, even if we do not send it, other factories will send it. In order to rob customers of losing proposition, there are factories willing to do, let alone free samples. Foreigners are also very smart, since there is free, why pay for it?
       In addition, if you are ready to send samples, you should take them seriously and prepare samples as soon as you receive them. Experienced buyers don't place order partly because the previous products have already been produced by other suppliers, and on the other hand, they are meant to test us on purpose.
      The customer can tell whether we are a real factory or a trading company by the speed of the sample sent. They can also determine whether the supplier is specialized in producing these products or they just can produce them. It tests our cooperation ability production capacity.
       For real supplier, we should always be positive but for those who are purely asking price, we must be cool-headed.