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    The best supplier and the best partner members

    • Author:Akira lee
    • Release on :2018-05-08
    Bags is a decoration, a package, only a bag which are everywhere in life! Sometimes people just sell bags as a products for earn money, sometimes people sell products but need to package the products, after packed the prodcucts, it will looks like very beautiful and expensive, such as the cosmetics, when there is a cosmetic bag hold them, if they will be convenient for people? When some products packed with a cloth bag stead of a OPP bag, if the quality will looks more better? Everyone may need bags or pockets, and many things need bags to be package. So the bag seems to be very important to us. 

    Until now, we already service for many famous brand, for example AQUA SPRINA/ Sulwhasoo/ SWAROVSKI/ YAMAHA/ TCL/ SKI-doo/ AEG/ STARBUCKS COFFE/ DENON/ RedBull/ BAGGU/ O HUI/ as colour/ Nestle/ HERBORIST/ PROYA/ HONDA/ CoCoCola/ Mamonde etc etc

    All these big brand, no one not attach importance to quality and efficiency, we have been make bulk products for some of them, make sample for them, also pass their SGS test and factory inspection. Our service is reliable for you. 

    We are welcome to your love, come on!