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    We grow up together!!!

    • Author:Akira lee
    • Release on :2018-04-19
    One of our client Johnnas from Germany come to China to our factory, he is a young and promising guys, we already have been cooperated for 3 years. We looked that he grown up from a small personal company to 4 people groups which are sales, designer, and himself.

    At first, he only do some laptop sleeves/ mobile phone case/ some electronic accessories, and we just produce laptop sleeves and small order for backpack, on that time, he is a student, start from eBay, the order qty only 200-300pcs/order, but he is a very nice guy. In these 2 years, he strong his groups and expand more good products, such as urban travel backpack, lady PU backpack, style leisure backpack, great drawstring bag, all are designed by his designer, every one bags are very fashion and functional. Till now, he has not only eBay but also Amazon and offline stores, order qty from 200pcs to 2000-3000pcs/ order.

    Congratulations for he can be a more stronger man!

    We are glad to support any OEM/ ODM orders, we are would like to grow up more stronger with you together.