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    Welcome to canada customer visit kjx bags factory

    • Author:Ivy zhong
    • Release on :2018-11-10
    Welcome to Canada customer visit Shenzhen Kangjiaxu Bags Co.LTD
    china supplier cosmetic bag    
       A regular customer in canada visit kjx bags factory on November 5, 2018.Our boss received them in person. The boss invited his clients to have tea in the office. Talk about problems at work this year and work together to find solutions.Discuss next year's work objectives, new bag product for high quality sport backpack development process.Gossip daily.canada client boss said “He often plays sports with his wife,He also encouraged his employees to exercise together”. It also tells us to exercise more and make time for exercise. can be as strong as he is and Put more energy into your work.
    China supplier handbag for woman
        The boss showed the customer to the exhibition hall and introduced the eco-friendly tyvek cosmetic bag ,new design handbag ,nylon sport bag and so on products,to the customer.Visit warehouse, packing department, workshop, sample room.
        Finally, give each other gifts,The client brought Canadian jam to my boss.The boss delivers tea and tea kettles to customers.Take a group photo as a souvenir,Record the experience of business partners for more than 10 years, emotion.Like old friends.
    china supplier sport backpack
        Hope we can have more cooperation in the future.Each other is more prosperous in business.hope we can have more cooperation in the future.Each other is more prosperous in business.