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    What kind of bag you should wear ?

    • Author:Rachel
    • Release on :2018-04-19
    Bags that are back and forth every day, of course, must consider whether she is the most lining you. However, what kind of face, what kind of body, what kind of clothes with what kind of bag, do you think about it? This is a question about the true nature of your test.
    What does it look like?
         According to the style of clothes to choose bags, take a look at your wardrobe, is the square form of formal heavy type of clothing, or more rounded corners and casual clothes, dignity and leisure, in the end is what kind of prevail, how can the first class package package. If you are a girl who follows fashion, wearing a trendy dress should be coordinated with a popular tone. If you love to wear a neat dress, you should wear a bright and colorful bag.
    Bags and temperament
         Select the bag also consider what most of the usual wear clothes. If you love to wear T-shirts, sportswear and other boyish clothing, you should choose nylon, plastic, thick canvas, a kind of "hard bag." If you love to wear girls shirts, shirts and other clothing for girls, should choose lace, hemp, soft cotton "soft packaging." The fabric has changed and the texture of the bag needs to be replaced.
    Choose your bag according to your height
         If you prefer a large bag, you must consider the height. People with a height of more than 165CM should choose a full-length 60CM that can fit into a magazine's bag; if the person with a height below 157CM should choose a full length of 50CM, it can be loaded into a magazine's bag. .
    Bags and chest
         When the bag is caught in the armpit, the thickness of the bag is a problem that must be observed when viewed from the front. Breasts, thick waist girls should choose thin and slender rectangular bags. The chest is flat, the boy who looks like a boy chooses a thick triangular bag.
    Select bag according to shape
         Clear facial features, sharp eyebrows, protruding cheekbones, and other facial features of a boyish taste. To choose a masculine bag with stripes; eyes are gentle, nose is round, and melon faces are very feminine, and you must choose beads. Sequined bag.
    Cute bags
         The so-called cute bag is characterized by a floral pattern or beaded sequins. Small prints are lovely, shiny beading and sequins are even brighter and are the must-buy bags this summer.
    Not afraid of wet bags
         When it is raining, people most afraid to go out of the bag to get wet, so the bags of rainy weather must meet several conditions: no matter how hard the shower is, the bag mouth must be closed tightly, and of course the color and style should look good.
    Floating bag
         The more things you have packed, the more you hope your bag will be lighter.
    Can hold mobile phone with bag
         The phone rang, and it was found in the bag. But the bell was off,,, and you hadn't experienced it. Therefore, it is important to choose the appearance of the bag, and you can't ignore other features. The cell phone bag adds a very obvious flaw. At a glance, it can be seen that the bag can be inserted at the same time, which is much more convenient. The mobile phone bag is attached to the end of the bag for easy access to the mobile phone.