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    ONE Part——When Customer Only Inquires...

    • Author:Nichole Lee
    • Source:KJX-Nichole
    • Release on :2018-05-14
    We will receive a lot of business cards in the exhibition, and there are many potential customers. The most troublesome is the kind of customers who keep making inquiries and constantly need samples but not place orders. Canvas Leather Backpack

    People have different personalities. There will always be some customers who are straightforward and some are irresolute. In particular, some customers in foreign trade are unable to make decision. After they get the quotation, they have to report to the boss and then return to the company for discussion.There are also some customers who take quotations and samples and then go to the local market to sell.  School backpack

    Sir, I really want to tell this customer not to ask me without placing an order. He often comes to make inquiries, asks me to send samples, and ask me a lot of questions, my god... Well, if he wants me to give a quotation, he can place an order, but he will only tell me some useless. " Lisa complained to me that a few foreigners were always teasing her.

    Customers like this, of course, would be painful if we meet. There are always some customers who are sick of us, taking up a lot of time and causing us a lot of trouble. They are very abrasive and hesitant, but we can't complain them directly because they have the possibility of placing orders. Therefore, it is up to you to do your job well. I have encountered this kind of client before and I got used to reject directly. Recently I met a client and I directly asked him not to ask me next time, but seriously, I regret it.
    He doesn't place orders. It's his business

    I'll just have to be patient with his inquiry. Some customers, we know that they are not easy to handle but we still have to socialize.

    So what do we do with these clients? How can we get them to order?

    Will continue...